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Here is a awesome little cookbook to help show some ways to use Todd's DIRT Seasonings. This is one cookbook I guarantee you will use. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING TO YOURSELF. WHY DO I NEED ANOTHER COOKBOOK THAT I WILL NEVER USE. EVERY RECIPE IS REALLY GOOD AND VERY EASY TO USE AND COOK. I HAVE NOT STEARED YOU WRONG YET. Let's Get DIRTy! Cookbook has 40 great tasting recipes using Todd's DIRT Seasonings. There are delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are even recipes for appetizers. This cookbook might be small, but contain's some great tasting and easy to cook recipes. There are endless ways to use THE ORIGINAL Todd's DIRT. Check out this wonderful little cookbook that will show we are not kidding about the endless ways to use this seasoning. Cooking should be fun and easy. This little cookbook will jump start your tastebuds thinking about ways to use Todd's DIRT Seasonings. Plus it's only FIVE BUCKS!!! I know you are going to really enjoy this cookbook. Have fun with it. *If you would like the Dirt Man to sign the book, I would be glad to do so. Just let me know in the comments. "Don't put off cooking till tommorrow, when you have Todd's DIRT seasonings to cook with today." Todd "The DIRTMAN"

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